Zankyou no Terror Episode Review: 1×03 “Search and Destroy” and 1×04 “Break Through”

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This week, I had two episodes of Zankyou no Terror to watch, and it still felt like only ten minutes had gone by before I was finished with them. Zankyou no Terror gains momentum with every new episode even as it savors the more quiet moments. It’s shaping up to be one of my favorite series of the summer.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode Review: 2×04 “The Somersault Turn of Promise” and 2×05 “A Resolution’s Heads Up”


I’m back from San Diego Comic Con and I’m all caught up on Free! Eternal Summer. While there aren’t too many things going on in episodes four and five, there’s an immense amount of character development, including a spotlight episode for Nagisa. It’s great to see some of the less prominent characters get their day in the limelight. 

Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×06 “Orphaned”


The “dead pool” saga came to a head this week on Teen Wolf, with the discovery of the full hit list. It wasn’t all triumph for our heroes, as people were grievously injured, death was predicted, and one supernatural being’s life was cut tragically short.

The Fake Geek Girl’s San Diego Comic Con Plans


Hey there! The Fake Geek Girl here. I’m leaving on Wednesday to go to San Diego Comic Con, and I won’t be publishing articles until the next Monday.