Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×12 “Smoke and Mirrors”

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I won’t lie. I watched the Teen Wolf finale. But I didn’t really retain anything from the Teen Wolf finale.


Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×11 “Promise to the Dead”


Teen Wolf‘s penultimate episode of the season brings the actual sinister plot front and center with Kate’s attempts to bring Scott down.

Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×08 “Time of Death”


There are only four episodes left of this season of Teen Wolf, and we’ve yet to find out the identity of the Benefactor. While “Time of Death” brings us closer to the mysterious villain, there are still a lot of loose ends and new plots to wrap up in a short amount of time.

Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×07 “Weaponized”


It’s test day in Beacon Hills. Meaning that every major teen (except the little’un, Liam) is conveniently gathered in one spot for the raging werewolf disease epidemic that’s unleashed inside the school.

Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×06 “Orphaned”


The “dead pool” saga came to a head this week on Teen Wolf, with the discovery of the full hit list. It wasn’t all triumph for our heroes, as people were grievously injured, death was predicted, and one supernatural being’s life was cut tragically short.

The Fake Geek Girl’s San Diego Comic Con Plans


Hey there! The Fake Geek Girl here. I’m leaving on Wednesday to go to San Diego Comic Con, and I won’t be publishing articles until the next Monday.

Teen Wolf Episode Review: 4×04 “The Benefactor”


Today’s Teen Wolf was action packed, establishing the antagonists of the season a little more solidly while also featuring a transformation that’ll likely effect the rest of the series. Move over, Scott. There’s a tiny new Teen Wolf© in town!