About The Fake Geek Girl

Meredith Hershey, aka The Fake Geek Girl, is a mildly Southern blogger, The Fake Geek Girl Portrait copyfeminist, and pop culture enthusiast. A lifelong lover of all things geek, Meredith has taken to commentating on the properties, ideas, and culture that make up the geek community.

Meredith has a B.A in Arts and Humanities, which she received moments after realizing that she should have majored in Journalism. Still under the delusion that she’s an “ace reporter”, Meredith frequently expresses her thoughts and opinions on anime, manga, comics, cartoons, film, television, novels, and video games. She just as frequently comments on women’s rights, which has earned her the proudly worn title of “Feminist Buzzkill”.

In April 2013, Meredith co-founded The Geekiary, a geek blog run by fangirls. She wrote articles under the handle “Steamgirl“, and held the title of Editor until January 2014. In her free time, Meredith pretends she works at Buzzfeed by writing frequent community articles.

Meredith is a Slytherin, dabbles in cosplay, and has spent an alarming amount of money on trade paperbacks. She regularly dreams that she’s April O’Neil, and she loves Sailor Moon more than one woman should love a fictional moon princess.

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