Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×09 “Serenity”


Sailor Moon Crystal shows its hand with the revelation of Usagi’s former life and the significance of her relationship with Mamoru. With several heart-wrenching moments and some gorgeously animated key scenes, “Serenity” makes for one of Crystal‘s better episodes. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×08 “Minako – Sailor V”


Sailor V’s introductory episode is one of Sailor Moon Crystal‘s better episodes. Minako is a fan favorite, and her episode perfectly captures her personality while also serving as a transition to what is soon to be a huge plot advancement. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×07 “Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask”

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This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal isn’t quite as frustrating as last week’s. In fact, it splendidly introduces Sailor V, who has up to this point been only talked about. Despite it’s high points, the episode’s inexpressive animation and it’s unnecessary insertion of Tuxedo Mask in the last act prevent it from being an excellent episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×05 “Makoto – Sailor Jupiter”

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The long awaited Sailor Jupiter introduction episode is finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint as much as the episodes before it. With decent animation and a story that delves farther into Makoto’s past than any of her other origin stories, “Makoto – Sailor Jupiter” is easily the best episode of Sailor Moon Crystal so far. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×03 “Rei – Sailor Mars”


Episode 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal continues the manga pacing with its introduction of Sailor Mars. Once again, the story is well done, with Rei being portrayed as per Naoko Takeuchi’s characterization. However, the animation is as bad as “Ami – Sailor Mercury”. It’s more than likely that this is just how it’s going to be from now on.