The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×04 “The Calling” and 4×05 “Enemy at the Gates”

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The Legend of Korra is moving right along with both Korra’s personal development and the development of Kuvira’s increasingly totalitarian nation. While the airbending kids go on a rescue mission to save Korra, the dark side of Kuvira’s mission becomes ever more apparent to Bolin and Varrick. 

Sleepy Hollow Episode Review: 2×06 “And the Abyss Gazes Back”

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Sleepy Hollow focuses on the family this week, with Abbie becoming reacquainted with her former mentor’s son. As she attempts to reconnect with the troubled young man, Ichabod contemplates his feelings for Henry, and Irving confronts the man who paralyzed his daughter.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Review: 1×08 “Minako – Sailor V”


Sailor V’s introductory episode is one of Sailor Moon Crystal‘s better episodes. Minako is a fan favorite, and her episode perfectly captures her personality while also serving as a transition to what is soon to be a huge plot advancement. 

The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×03 “The Coronation”

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The Legend of Korra focuses back in on the goings on in Republic City in it’s most recent episode, while also jumping back to Korra’s lessons with Toph. As Korra tries and fails to recover under Toph’s regimen, Mako and Bolin clash over political ideologies at Prince Wu’s coronation day. With Kuvira making her intentions for the Earth Kingdom clear, “The Coronation” serves to set up the varying conflicts that will define Season 4. 

Sleepy Hollow Episode Review: 2×05 “The Weeping Lady”

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This week’s Sleepy Hollow gets a little personal. A monster-of-the-week episode on the surface, “The Weeping Lady” dives into Ichabod’s personal past, as well as his current relationship with Katrina. The spouses have hit a hard patch in their relationship, but it’s unclear whether the damage done in this episode will linger.

Sleepy Hollow Episode Review: 2×04 “Go Where I Send Thee…”

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This week’s Sleepy Hollow doesn’t have the excitement factor of the previous Season 2 episodes, but it’s solid enough, mostly because of it’s tie-in to the overall story. While the episode is light on plot, it does present a chilling – if predictable – tale.

The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×02 “Korra Alone”

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The Legend of Korra‘s second episode of the season crafts the poignant tale of Korra’s recovery and disappearance. “Korra Alone” demonstrates the despair Korra feels at being isolated and useless while the world changes around her, while also offering a potential source of hope for her future.