The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×06 “The Battle of Zaofu” and 4×07 “Reunion”


The Legend of Korra has hit midseason, which means there’s a lot of housekeeping to do before the final confrontation. “The Battle of Zaofu” swiftly ends the Zaofu conflict and paves the way for a more serious face-off between Kuvira’s army and Korra and her allies. “Reunion” is a bit less relevant, but does the important work of reuniting Korra with her loved ones. With almost everyone back together, Korra can start working on the problem of Kuvira in earnest. 

The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×04 “The Calling” and 4×05 “Enemy at the Gates”

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The Legend of Korra is moving right along with both Korra’s personal development and the development of Kuvira’s increasingly totalitarian nation. While the airbending kids go on a rescue mission to save Korra, the dark side of Kuvira’s mission becomes ever more apparent to Bolin and Varrick. 

The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4×03 “The Coronation”

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The Legend of Korra focuses back in on the goings on in Republic City in it’s most recent episode, while also jumping back to Korra’s lessons with Toph. As Korra tries and fails to recover under Toph’s regimen, Mako and Bolin clash over political ideologies at Prince Wu’s coronation day. With Kuvira making her intentions for the Earth Kingdom clear, “The Coronation” serves to set up the varying conflicts that will define Season 4.