San Diego Comic Con Implements Wristband System for Hall H


San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H is notorious for having the longest lines of the entire convention. As the biggest hall in the San Diego Convention Center, Hall H is host to many of the biggest and most popular panels. As such, wait times to get in are hours long, with many attendees sleeping in the line overnight.

There’s definitely some kind of issue with the way Hall H is managed, but the newest attempt by con organizers to solve it may or may not improve attendees’ chances of getting in.

CCI announced today that they’re implementing a new wristband system called Toucan Trackers. The way it works is that staff will hand out wristbands in Plaza Park to attendees lining up for Hall H, with a break between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. These wristbands won’t secure you a place in line, but will supposedly act as an indicator of your chances of getting into the hall. Only people with wristbands will be allowed into Hall H at the beginning of each day, with non-wristband attendees being allowed in afterward. This doesn’t mean that those wishing to get into Hall H can grab a wristband and leave. The lines will still be there and everyone who wants in to the hall will be required to stay in them, just as normal.

Personally, I find the system to be convoluted. It might be a good way to keep the line organized, but it doesn’t shorten the wait time any, which makes it seem kind of pointless. I don’t know. Maybe the staff will have an easier time managing the line.

Check out CCI’s official statement for details. For those of you who are planning on spending time in Hall H, godspeed.

Images are copyright of Comic Con International.

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