Today in Geek: July 17th, 2014

Comics, Miscellaneous, Television

  • Marvel announced last night on The Colbert Report that Steve Rogers is retiring from active duty and Sam Wilson, The Falcon, is taking up the mantle of Captain America. This will be the second time a black man has taken up the shield. Isaiah Bradley, grandfather of former Young Avenger Patriot, was the first. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll has been cast as Karen Page in Netflix’s Daredevil. Page is known for being the love interest of both Matt Murdock and his business partner Foggy Nelson. (via IGN)
  • Actress Susan Heyward will be playing Detective Deena Pilgrim in Powers, Sony’s TV adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ comic series. Pilgrim works with Detective Christian Walker to investigate superpowered crimes. (via io9)heyward-pilgrim
  • Elaine Stritch, beloved actress of stage and screen, has passed away. Stritch was a veteran of Broadway, most notably originating the role of Joanne in Stephen Sondheim’s Company. She was 89 years old. Here’s to The Lady who Lunched. (via The Mary Sue)
  • Finally, the British Advertising Standards Authority has banned Tom Hiddleston’s Jaguar ad for it’s supposed celebration of socially irresponsible driving. Personally, I think it’s socially irresponsible to deprive British TV watchers of Tom Hiddleston. (via The Guardian)

Images and videos are copyright of Marvel Entertainment LLC, Image Comics, and Jaguar Cars. 

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