Today in Geek: July 15th, 2014

Anime/Manga, Comics, Film, Miscellaneous

  • In an exciting development, Marvel revealed on The View that Thor will be handing over his hammer and superhero mantle to a woman. The new Thor isn’t a distaff counterpart, but rather a replacement for the male Thor, who will presumably still exist in some capacity. This character will join the ranks of heroes, like Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson, who have gained the powers of the hammer and called themselves Thor. Which is still really weird, because Thor is not a code name. Thor is his real name. Hopefully further announcements will provide details on the new Goddess of Thunder. (via Comics Alliance)
  • Disney released the first full length Big Hero 6 trailer today. I have my misgivings, but Hiro and Baymax are really, really cute. It looks like it’s gonna be a fun movie. (via ScreenCrush)
  • If you have a stake in Net Neutrality (you ought to), you’ve got until Friday to make your questions and concerns heard on the FCC official website. The FCC’s official comments section may be ancient and nigh impossible to navigate, but it’s worth the trouble to tell the FCC what you think about their net neutrality proposal. You’ll find the comments page here. (via Variety)
  • The first clip from the new Sailor Moon dub is out. Usagi’s comments about Mamoru’s attire made my day. (via The Mary Sue)
  • The Power Rangers reboot is apparently happening, with Roberto Orci attached as executive producer, and X:Men: First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz set to pen the script. Power Rangers fans, are you happy with this development? (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Images and videos are copyright of Marvel Entertainment LLC, Disney, Toei Animation, and Viz Media.

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