Today in Geek: July 10th, 2014

Comics, Television

  • In what is basically the best news ever, Batgirl has a new look and a new creative team. The upcoming Batgirl reboot will feature Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher as writers, and the insanely cool Babs Tarr on art. Her Batgirl redesign is everything I’ve ever wanted. Gail Simone’s run will be a tough act to follow, but I’m more than confident in the new team. (via MTV)
  • Speaking of new comics, The Winter Soldier will be the star of a new post-Original Sin solo title, Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier. Ales Kot is set to pen the script, with Marco Rudy on artwork. The series will take Bucky into intergalactic territory, no longer bound by narrative to the Earth. According to Kot, it will explore themes of gender fluidity, feminism, empathy, pacifism, and more. That sounds awesome, to say the least. (via A.V Club)


  • The Emmy nominations are out, and guess what?! Tatiana Maslany and Hannibal and Brooklyn Nine-Nine were all nominated! The Big Bang Theory‘s reign of terror is finally over! Haha, just kidding. Everything’s mostly the same. Congratulations to Orange is the New Black for it’s multiple nominations, though. (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • In Pacific Rim news, Guillermo del Toro had some things to say regarding the Pacific Rim animated series. Del Toro is planning it as a long arc that connects to Pacific Rim 2, rather than an episodic format. He’s also looking into Japanese animation companies to handle the visuals. Fingers crossed for something Go Nagai-inspired. (via Collider)
  • Finally, Fox has released an intense new promo for Sleepy Hollow’s second season. Judging by it’s contents, I think it’s safe to say that Ichabod makes it out of that box. Sleepy Hollow will return this fall. (via io9)

 Images and videos are copyright of DC Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment LLC, and FOX.



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