Today in Geek: July 6th, 2014

Anime/Manga, Film, Miscellaneous

  • Star Wars: Episode VII saw the edition of two new cast members today. Actors Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson will be playing two as-of-yet unknown characters. Production of Episode VII will resume after a brief pause to allow Harrison Ford recovery time for his leg injury. (via Variety)
  • Contrary to a popular rumor, Guardians of the Galaxy won’t screen early at San Diego Comic Con, according to director James Gunn. Gunn made the statement on his Facebook page, while also clarifying some information about the nation-wide Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peak. (via SDCC Unofficial)
  • The Kitchen Overlord, author of geek culinary and drink recipes, is kickstarting a comprehensive, fully-illustrated cookbook of many of her recipes. Check it out here. (via The Daily Dot)


  • Viz Media announced a brand new dub cast for Sailor Moon at Anime Expo, as well as some information about the upcoming box set release of the first season. Veteran actress Stephanie Sheh (Hinata Hyuuga of Naruto, Eureka of Eureka Seven) will voice Usagi. For a full cast list, see here. (via CrunchyRoll, Anime News Network)

All images are copyright of Disney, and The Kitchen Overlord. 

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