Today in Geek: July 3rd, 2014

Film, Television, Video Games

  • Georgina Haig has been cast as Frozen‘s Elsa for the new season of Once Upon a Time, with Elizabeth Lail playing her sister Anna, and Scott Michael Foster playing Kristoff. (via Variety)
  • David Dastmalchian and Scoot McNairy have been cast for unknown roles in Ant-Man and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, respectively. (via The Mary Sue)
  • Sad news for fans of Batman: The Animated Series. Bob Hastings, the voice of Commissioner Gordon, died today. He was 89 years old. (via Comics Alliance) 03
  • In an apparent back peddle, The International eSports Foundation has removed the men-only restrictions on their Hearthstone, Dota 2, and Ultra Street Fighter 4 divisions for their 6th Annual eSports Tournament. (via Metro)
  • In case you didn’t think the marketing for Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome enough, here’s their latest tidbit, a hilarious fake interstellar travel website that takes you through some of the locations in the film. (via Hollywood Reporter)


  • Finally, Telltale Games has announced a July 8th release date for the final episode of The Wolf Among Us. (via IGN)


All images are copyright of Disney, DC Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment LLC.

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