The Walking Dead Episode Review: 5×08 “Coda”

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It’s taken me a few days to really gather my thoughts on “Coda”. I genuinely enjoy The Walking Dead, and I’m usually able to see past its many, many flaws, but this episode didn’t sit well with me and still doesn’t after some deliberation. While there are a few decent moments interspersed throughout the episode, “Coda” mainly serves to render pointless most of the season so far with the cheap, senseless death of one of the more promising characters on the show. 


The Walking Dead Episode Review: 4×04 “Slabtown”

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The Walking Dead finally addresses Beth’s disappearance and current whereabouts in this week’s episode. While the creepy hospital featured in “Slabtown” lacks the raw terror of, say, a roving band of cannibals, it does provide a decent arena for Beth to show off her survival skills.