Salutations from The Fake Geek Girl


Hey there. I’m Meredith Hershey, aka The Fake Geek Girl. Spoiler Alert: I’m not actually a “fake geek girl”. I am a geek, and I am a girl, but I’m fairly certain I’m not fake. Like 85% sure.

The intention of this blog is to deliver the latest in geek-related news, reviews, and opinions from yours truly, often with a feminist slant. Here, you’ll find information and editorials for various areas of interest, including film and television, comic books, novels, video games, anime, cosplay, and conventions.

My interest in geek-related entertainment journalism surfaced in 2013, when I co-founded The Geekiary, an up-and-coming geek interest blog. I held the position of editor until early 2014. In May, I quit my humdrum part-time day job to try my hand at freelance writing, a venture that lasted for about two weeks. Instead, I started writing Buzzfeed community articles, which occasionally have the decency to go viral (That one about Chiba Mamoru’s bad fashion sense? That was me!).

My heroes are Sailor Moon, Kate Bishop, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Bulma Briefs, and Lydia from Teen Wolf. Coincidentally, my topics of interest are also Sailor Moon, Kate Bishop, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Bulma Briefs, and Lydia from Teen Wolf.

But really, why am I The Fake Geek Girl? Simply put, I’m owning a stereotype that I, and many of my fellow geek ladies, have been assigned. I could talk about co-founding The Geekiary. I could show off the hit counts on my Buzzfeed articles. I could tell all of the stories I’ve amassed by running around and playing like I’m Lois Lane at San Diego Comic Con. But I’d probably get called a “fake geek girl” anyway. And that’s okay. Looking at the impressive caliber of fans who field that particular insult, I’m definitely in good company.


2 thoughts on “Salutations from The Fake Geek Girl

    1. “Fake Geek Girl” is an insult commonly thrown out at female geeks by some members of the geek community. If I’m not mistaken, it started out as a meme about how girls don’t actually know anything about geek interest media, therefore “pretending” to be a geek in order to win approval. The term has been used by everyone from immature jerks in the blogosphere to well-known industry people. I chose the name as a way to sort of satirize the term, as not only am I a “real geek girl”, I don’t subscribe to the idea of the “fake geek girl” as a legitimate concern whatsoever.

      Hopefully that clears things up a bit! Thanks for asking 😀


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